Workshop: Applying a Smart City approach to solve complex municipal problems 

Sydney | 20 August 2019  

Put your learnings into practice! 

The pace of digital innovation has transformed how municipalities across the world are solving complex problems such as improving community health and safety and reducing poverty. However, this digital transformation has also introduced additional complexity in the municipal ecosystem. From collecting real-time data to ensuring data quality, and from eliminating data bias to enforcing data privacy, municipalities must address these challenges in order to meet the evolving needs of residents.  

Edmonton’s Smart City Framework proposes a balanced approach where data privacy and resident engagement form the basis of analytics-driven decision making. 

In this session, you will learn: 
  1. The foundational elements of a Smart City Framework 

  2. Data privacy, trust and ethics in a Smart City Program 

  3. Overcoming barriers to analytics-driven decision-making 

  4. The role of Ecosystem partners in enabling a Smart City  

  5. The contributions of vendors to Smart City initiatives 

  6. Integrating traditional civic strategic planning processes with a Smart City strategy 

Workshop Leader

Soumya Ghosh

Director of Digital Enablement, City of Edmonton, Canada 

Soumya Ghosh is the Director of Digital Enablement with the City of Edmonton's Open City and Technology Branch. Working with community partners, Soumya aims to advance the Open City and Smart City portfolios by driving innovative technology-focused solutions to improve resident services. Prior to joining the City of Edmonton, Soumya worked as an IT consultant with Fortune 500 companies such as Oracle Corporation, McKesson Corporation, and Deutsche Bank. Soumya will be addressing at the conference how to improve citizen's health by implementing a smart city framework that will deliver impactful changes in municipal programs, policies, and services.